Crossroads Child & Youth Care Centre is a small “village” within Matatiele comprising 9 houses; each with three bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining area. Two house-parents are allocated to 1 house which is home to up to 8 children. 60 + children live on the property in a comfortable, safe and stable environment. Two of the homes are used for children who are in high care. There is a communal playground, library, hall, “clinic” and a small school. The intake includes orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies and children ranging from new-born to three-years of age.

Crossroads Child & Youth Care Center

The aim is to provide holistic care which extends far beyond accommodation and food.

Attention is given to each child’s emotional needs, development, psychiatric and other special needs, socialisation, education and physical development.

Activities are structured around the age, level of development and specific needs of each child.  Two, three and four-year olds attend Crossroads School, while the older children attend local schools. Care is taken not to alienate the children from their cultural backgrounds so that they can return to their community of origin when they are older - if they so choose.  With this in mind, relationships with the local and rural communities are given priority.  Whenever possible, children are reunited with their families.

An individual development plan (IDP) is introduced for every child.  A  Health Manager is employed to oversee all issues relating to health care. She also introduces life skills and principles of personal hygiene to the children.  Special health care is provided for children who need it. Children are given the opportunity to attend Church and Youth which encourages spiritual orientation, growth and development.  

From time to time, disabilities become evident as the child grows. Although Children with disabilities are not catered for as a rule in the center, due to the specialist help being too far away, a number of the children remain with us due to the fact that Crossroads has become home to them.