Child Welfare South Africa - Matatiele has had a long-standing involvement with education dating back to its establishment. The institution has hosted a number of nursing students from Norway for 8 weeks at a time over the years, enabling them to gain practical insight into working in a foreign, rural environment, among scarce resources, limited skilled labor and a high incidence of malnutrition and contagious diseases.


Child Welfare Matatiele has also partnered with the United States program PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan For Aids Relief), and has become a Pepfar site hosting Masters and Doctorate students for a year at a time to offer these students much needed experience and allow for capacity building within the organization.

Post-Matric students have been afforded the opportunity to train and gain practical skills through apprenticeship and long distance-learning opportunities, provided by the institution. These initiatives have finally culminated in the launch of Masifundeni Sonke. Masifundeni Sonke is an internal training initiative allowing for the capacity building of Child Welfare staff and stakeholders in order to increase service delivery and efficiency within the organization. It forms the education and training division of Child Welfare South Africa-Matatiele and aims to equip caregivers, foster parents, older children at the facility and office staff in the following training areas:
• First Aid
• Early Childhood Development
• ARV Administration
• Child and Youth Care
• Specialized care for children with specific medical needs
• Specialized care for children with physical disabilities
• Foster Parenting