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The photos you see in this album have been selected as they showcase the work of the various projects so beautifully. It is the mandate of the institution to provide food and resources to members of the surrounding communities through the community-based project Asibavikele. Young children are given a home, the warmth of family, a place of safety and every opportunity to grow and develop at Crossroads Children’s Home. At Siyakhula, the “street” boys, are given a home, acceptance, safety, a place to learn, a place to grow and develop positive role-models.

Crossroads Care CentersPhotos & Videos

Child Welfare South Africa-Matatiele is an institution but moreover, it is a family - one that takes a deep interest in each child.

Milestones in each child’s life, significant events and the everyday interactions that form lasting memories have contributed to a comprehensive collection of photos. In each project, the children are encouraged to keep a memory box where he/she keeps items of remembrance of their journey through childhood.