Ntebo Klaas is a young nurse living in the district of Maluti. For some years Mrs Klaas visited sick and destitute villagers in their homes. She shared whatever food and basic necessities she could afford. As she moved around the community the awareness of the enormity of the need became overwhelming and so she gathered a group of women to assist her (as volunteers).

Sediba Sa Tshepo

From time to time the ladies come across someone who needed special care - more than they could offer on occasional visits.

Ntebu therefore built 3 small “shacks” to house those who did not have the support of a family and who were too ill to care for themselves. In so doing, she would provide a greater level of care to those who needed it.

One night, during a severe snow storm the shack collapsed. It was during this time that Liz Whittle, founder of Crossroads Child and Youth Care Center became involved in assisting her with bedding and food. She encouraged Ntebu to visit the Chief and procure a piece of land on which to build something more permanent.

A local business LCB Whittle and Son financed the building of a permanent structure and Durban North Fellowhip together with Kyle Farran and family from Zululand assisted with furnishings, bedding, and cashflow for various odds and ends.

Child Welfare South Africa, Matatiele, have supported her in various applications for funding which have been successful and have set her on the road to greater heights. At Ntebo’s request, Liz Whittle, Chairperson of Child Welfare Matatiele, will continue to mentor her until she feels that she is ready to “go it alone”.

May it be said here, that Container Ministries - under the leadership of Dudley Thompson – are the main suppliers of food to all of these ministries. The organization recognizes that without their assistance, we would not be able to provide the food parcels so desperately needed.