We have recently closed down houses used by Siyakhula due to the fact that we no longer have young boys living on the streets of Matatiele. Due to the continued efforts of our Social Workers, youngsters found on the streets are attended to immediately and are either re-united with family or alternate care is established for them.

Siyakhula Child and Youth Care Center

Spiritual growth, life management, recovery from substance abuse and destructive behavioural patterns and preparation for employment were facilitated.

When Siyakhula was first established there were a number of children who had been living on the streets for some time. It was extremely difficult to find an immediate solution due to various circumstances. One being that the youngsters had forged a bond over time and therefore separation from each other was not an easy option.

The boys were all reintegrated into school. If necessary a private tutor was used to help the boys attain the required standards for their grade. They attended church and church-related youth meetings as well as soccer leagues. When the boys turned sixteen, they were given the opportunity to earn their own money and learn a trade to prepare them for independence.